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"Get the message right, particularly when you don't have much space"

“You only have one chance to get the message right so make it count”

What’s The Point of a Case Study?

Well, there are three main points: the challenge, the solution and the benefit.

I’ve been a freelance copywriter for over 6 years, and have been engaged to write case studies for architects, specialist glass manufacturers, IT systems integrators, quantity surveyors, marketing agencies, design studios, universities, NHS trusts and many other organisations. An eclectic mix, you’ll agree; all with their own language, voice and messages. But the point of every case study is to demonstrate the value of a specific product or service in improving the life of the customer; focusing on these three primary points will do just that.

1. The Challenge – after a brief introduction to the client, I immediately get stuck into what problems need resolving or what targets need to be reached, (often with a compelling date or event as the main driver). Target readers will empathise or relate to this!

2. The Solution – this is where the product name (including any headline features) or the service description (and how it’s delivered) is clearly described. After all, te client wants to sell more of these to their target customer!

3. The Benefit – this is where I describe how the solution makes real improvements for the customer. Show the target reader how much better life will be when they reach targets, satisfy demand and manage their ever-reducing budgets.

Add to these an “at a glance” section, a quote from the customer, relevant logos, my clients’ profile information – and it’s done.

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