7 tips for increasing your social traffic

The busier your social media channels, the greater the reach and effect your brand will benefit from. However, if you’re not sure how to get the most from your brand’s social media activity, following these steps will help you produce worthwhile output and help you to generate more traffic that will lead to increased sales.

The busier your social media channels, the greater the reach and effect of your brand. However, if you’re not sure how to manage your brand’s social media activity, following these steps will help you produce worthwhile output and help to generate more traffic.

Be social, be visible, be engaging, but above all, be valuable to your audience.

1.     Post regular updates across all your social media channels

It’s important to maintain a regular output; when your visitors land on a page that you haven’t updated for several weeks or even months, it can be a real turn-off! Your audience is made up of customers and prospects and they want to see regular posts, news and updates; it’s what will keep the coming back.

Not sure what to post? Here are a few suggestions: news (PR), pictures, company status, polls, project updates, updates on your or your customers’ industries or notices about local events. Each post you make will help your business or brand to connect and (preferably) engage with your audience; the more often you post, the more your brand will remain top of mind.

2.     Develop and maintain a consistent style

Your business needs a distinct “tone and voice” within every post and across all your social platforms. When you post, your style of communication will represent the personality of your business, so you should think about how you want your audience to perceive you and develop this style accordingly.

Not sure who should post for you? It’s a good idea to appoint an individual to manage all your posts across all channels. Think about engaging a copywriter to manage your digital output; you’ll be able to achieve a consistent language and tone in line with all your other marketing communications, including web site content, brochure and product information and even advertising.

3.     Comment on posts & updates from others in extended networks

It’s true that we all like to be recognised; especially when we’re building an online presence. Interact with your connections by posting replies if they comment on your posts or status updates, and comment on theirs when appropriate.

Not sure what to say? We all have something valuable to offer and relevant information to share; do what I do and offer advice (like this) or share interesting articles you’ve read and that you think may be useful to the people you’re connected with. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for this type of interaction and will help you to extend your own network quickly and easily.

4.     Like, share and re-tweet regularly

We all appreciate it when we receive a “like” on Facebook, a Google+1, a share on LinkedIn or even a re-tweet. Make sure you take the time to congratulate a colleague when they announce a new job on LinkedIn or when they post about the completion of a project or maybe a new product release on Facebook, Sharing articles that have been posted by your connections or perhaps commenting on interesting points they have raised, will all help to get your own profile or brand seen in the right places and by the right audience.

5.     Be generous and pay it forward

If something appears on your news feed that you think may be valuable to any of your connections, share it with them. If you see something that a colleague, customer or prospect may benefit from, forward it with a quick note; paying it forward like this will eventually result in something coming back your way. This is what I mean when I say that social media is for engaging. We operate within an online ecosystem that values mutual exchange and being a hub inside your online community will help to maintain your brand’s profile.

6.     Connect with the right pages, contacts, groups and circles  

It’s vital to get your brand seen online the way you want it to be seen; being seen in the right places will help to define your brand’s personality. Obviously you should connect with relevant individuals, groups and circles in your industry, but think about where your customers and prospects work and play online; let your brand’s personality go out to play as well. Your local town or city will have pages, groups and circles, sports clubs and sporting events do too, and because there is no limit to the number of places your brand could benefit from being seen, it’s worth taking time to extend your network of connections in these places as you go along.

7.     DON’T keep yourself to yourself

Many brands make the mistake of not maximising the visibility and the value of their content. Blow your own trumpet (or at the very least, let people know that you have one). Company achievements are a good place to start; but be careful not to show off for the sake of it. If your Technical Manager has recently passed a certified exam, there’s value in sharing that information with customers and prospects; if your company has just won a major contract, there’s value in sharing that with them too. If your offices have been hit by bad weather or your workforce is having trouble with major transport problems, there’s value in sharing how you’ve overcome them; the greater your social footprint, the greater your brand’s credibility and the greater the returns you will see from your social activity.


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