Why Adding a Blog is So Important to Your Business Website

Maintaining a blog is a real asset to every business website; if you’re a busy owner/manager that doesn’t have the time to produce a blog, get someone else to write one for you – you’ll be glad you did.

A sure-fire way to be seen.

Whether you’re building a new website or updating your existing online presence, you should think about visibility and how target audiences will find you. So it’s a good idea to make sure that you always include blogs in your ongoing marketing plan.

Web content should always incorporate a SEO value and by regularly adding a blog to your website, visitors, (and by that, I mean new prospects and leads), will discover your site. If the content in your blogs is relevant to them, (and it should always be), adding news, opinions and comments regularly, is a great way of creating trust in your brand and building loyalty from your existing customers.

Keep it fresh and relevant.

High search engine ranking positions (SERPS) is a vital aspect of marketing a business website and adding blogs at least twice a month, will contribute greatly to your ongoing SEO objectives. As Google is always looking out for fresh, new content, writing a bi-weekly blog will help maximise your SERPS; and as each blog should concentrate on a topic that’s relevant to your target audience, the keywords you include will help drive traffic to your website as well.

Share it and it will grow

In a very short time, the volume of content on your site will grow significantly, increasing natural incoming traffic and the visibility of subject-relevant searches. By submitting your blogs to relevant directories and online communities, you will create even more interest that should help to generate more traffic, and by sharing your blogs on social media platforms, (LinkedIn for example), you will increase your website’s visibility even further. I share my blogs with connections and groups here on LinkedIn, and on the Google+ platform (did you know that +1’s are way more valuable to your SEO than Facebook likes?), and I am always amazed at the number of views these achieve (and the volume of incoming sales enquiries this activity can generate).

astute copy blog writer

blogs are great for SEO and for helping your business engage with prospects, leads & customers that builds trust in your brand

Blogs are a sales tool, but selling isn’t just telling; is it? (See what I did there?) asking for a readers’ comments will provide you with a 2-way channel of engagement and communication with your audience. Blog often include your comments and opinions on a particular matter that will have relevance to your audience; inviting comments offers your readers the perfect opportunity to tell you what they think, or even what they want from you and your brand; I am often surprised by readers’ responses and have sometimes been able to develop an account as a result. Providing accessibility for the increasing mobile audience is something that you should also consider, no doubt your web designers have incorporated a responsive design into your new website, (if they haven’t, make sure they do??), and your blog should also include some relevance for people that access the web on the go.

Keep it up

Once you begin blogging, for goodness’ sake keep it up! Failing to maintain your blog suggests to your audience that you don’t really care about how your businesses is seen by potential new customers, but it REALLY is worth the effort. If you’re stuck for a subject to write about, or you need help writing something of value to your target audience that includes valuable SEO content, or you simply don’t have enough time, I offer a blogging service that WILL increase the visibility of your website (and therefore your brand), and help with generating more business.

How does your blogging activity help you with driving traffic to your website?

Are you thinking about blogging regularly but not sure where to start?

Do you have any blogging tips you’d like to share?

Peter Stephen is a Surrey based freelance creative copywriter to hire, call 07917 36 01 01 or email peter.stephen@astutecopy.co.uk


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