copywriter for hire – get to the point and tell it like it is…

I’m a freelance copywriter and make my living by writing web and marketing copy for a fee – always looking for new projects to work on, new agencies to work with and new clients to work for. So, my LinkedIn profile and my blog site both make it clear (from the start), that I’m for hire, and that I deliver measurable value for money to the customers I work with.

get to the point -sell more of your products and services

get to the point -sell more of your products and services

Everybody is selling something, be it a business service like mine, fast moving consumer goods, car insurance, or (as is the case with one of my recent clients), global freight forwarding. So it’s important to get your key value messages across quickly and clearly. This is the only way to approach your web and marketing copy; visit AVIS and they get straight to the point; which model you want to hire, when you need it, where you will collect/return etc.

Every website visitor, (whether they know it or not) is thinking the same thing – “what’s in it for me?” Web visitors will soon leave your site if they don’t get the right answer to that question; they have landed on your site, so to convert them into a customer, you must get your value proposition out there straight away – so, get to the point and tell it like it is! .    .

If you’re a renewable energy consultant, you need to show how easy it is to go GREEN and how financially rewarding your products and services are to the customer;: if you’re a tropical holiday counselor, you need to highlight how delighted your customers are with your service and how much they enjoyed the resorts and the facilities you recommended to (and facilitated for) them.

Getting to the point and telling it like it is, will help you to engage the interest and desires of your target market; by being clear about what they need to do next, (what copywriters and marketers refer to as the call to action), is how visitors to your website and readers of your marketing content will begin to be converted into customers.

If you want to discover how well-written copy will help you convert more of your target market into real customers, call me on 0791736 01 01 and tell me what your target market needs to know about your business.

Peter Stephen is a Surrey based freelance creative copywriter for hire, email


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