Why Quality Content is More Important Than SEO

Specialists in SEO (and there are many out there), will boost your online presence and “get” your site onto the first results page on Google (and other search engines, remember them?). That’s what they do and they follow proven rules to guarantee results every time. Not any more! Since Google changed their Panda and Penguin algorithms, (keyword metrics), SEO now relies on higher quality content instead.

Engaging copy is more valuable than applying out-dated SEO rules.

Engaging copy is more valuable than applying out-dated SEO rules.

I’ve been producing digital output for a firm of IT consultants based in Crawley for some time and I’m currently working on the copy for their soon-to-be relaunched website. A local web design company has produced a great design but because they sold them on the importance of SEO to such an extent, their “story” simply couldn’t be told. There was too much emphasis on including key search words and phrases and I couldn’t maintain the natural language and tone that I’ve developed with my client over the past year or so.

Of course there must be some optimisation on the site; they’re IT helpdesk specialists and the copy needs to say so, but Google will reward them far more for including content that engages visitors and compels them to act. How? By monitoring the amount of time a visitor spends on a site, their click through activity, page depth and bounce rates; all of which are affected by the quality and the engaging relevance of the content.

This particular client sells a business-lifestyle to customers and prospects: spend more time growing your business and less time worrying about your IT and throw the problem our way and forget about it,  they even promise to put things right before you even know about them. Not easy messages to convey if you’re stuffing every page with keywords and a bunch of aimless backlinks.

The project stalled for a week as I tried to combine the recommended SEO with telling the right story, (whilst maintaining language and tone), but I just couldn’t sound natural and I struggled to produce the content I felt happy to put in front of my client. Time for a conversation with the MD. 30 minutes later, we agreed that the content should, instead, be relevant, engaging and valuable to their target audience (after all, every visitor wants to know  “what’s in it for them”), and should be added to regularly with informative and entertaining blog posts, complimented by social media activity .

I began work on the web copy again and the result is a condensed, better targeted collection of pages that is compelling and that conveys their value proposition succinctly. I’ll be producing the first three blogs for them over the coming week and will be sharing them with you all soon. And there’s the secret; sharing content. Tips for improving the performance of your IT network, looking at security threats and the best preventative measures, discussing the merits of adopting the cloud over maintaining on-premise servers, reporting on IT problems that affect particular verticals; all real-world content that resonates with their audience.

If you’re looking to throw your IT problems at someone or if you just want to concentrate on what you do best and rely on experts that work quietly in the background and increase your business productivity through improved IT performance, you really should call Intelligent Performance on  01293 530 683.

If you’re looking for a creative copywriter that produces brilliantly written digital output that grows the reach and effect of your business, you really should call me on 07917 36 0101.


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