Setting the tone – from start to FINISH

How much emphasis a brand is willing to place on their particular tone of voice is important but is, sadly, often overlooked. Producing ads that inspire and compel you to act is one thing; but to embed that same personality right the way through all customer communications is quite another. Brand logos, brand colours and other elements of visual identity appear throughout every piece of collateral, so why not the brand’s tone too?

A brand’s tone of voice needs to be just as consistent – an idea that’s only now being recognised.bigstockshouting

The tone of voice is a reflection of the attitude and approach of a business; being true to this will affect consumers’ perception. Brands that are friendly and focused on customer delight, or intelligent and influence their market through thought provoking comment will lack authenticity if they don’t utilise their unique tone of voice all the way through to the “end”. Even down to their Ts and Cs.

A consumer’s first impressions of a brand counts, but they will soon be left feeling unfulfilled if the tone proves to be designed just to create that first impression. Consistency of tome avoids audiences feeling that they’ve been had.

Putting on a persona doesn’t work for a brand. The relationship brands have with customers is made up of hundreds of engagements. If they discover you’re not actually who you would like them to think you are, (much like many other brands), all the hard work (and money) you’ve invested on creating marketing content that’s unique to you, will have been wasted.

Maintaining an embedded tone of voice above, below and through the line is more credible and builds a stronger bond.

Review every piece of communication you publish! If your brand doesn’t have style guidelines, produce some; it takes commitment and conviction to keep your tone true to your brand values, but it’s worth it.

As for Ts and Cs, if you’ve taken the time to re-write a piece of copy that only the serious buyer will read, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll already have every other item of communication in line. If your brand’s tone of voice spans even the dullest areas of your communications, such as privacy policies or contractual clauses, you’ve probably already made it consistent everywhere else.

Need help with your tone of voice?

Not sure how you sound when communicating with customers and prospects?

Want to know more about developing a style guideline for your business?





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