Are You Contemporarily Aware?

The average adult’s attention span in 2015 is reported to be somewhere between 5 and 9 seconds.

Hungry for quick-fix updates, we check our mobiles hundreds of times a day. This means that copy is shorter, ads are more urgent and most advertisers don’t even have time to tell whole stories before viewers click away or hit “skip ad”.

Apps like Snapchat embrace this phatic communion; one-sided conversations are fast and disposable; once consumed, they’re gone forever.

But for advertisers, micro-content needs to connect back to the brand and what they share needs to entice. They must decide on the best platforms and produce content to fit.

Using time-efficient assets like infographics and videos or employing new techniques like “gamification” will retain consumers’ attention, by showing, instead of telling, or by weaving a puzzle, a challenge or a contest into a story.

Brands like e-Bay even offer rewards for full engagement; you buy, you sell, you leave feedback and even score points.

A copywriter uses skill and artistry to grab and retain the attention of every audience and being aware of the average consumer’s barely-there attention span helps maximise the value of those 5 to 9 seconds.

We, as advertisers, marketers or copywriters, need to get into the consciousness of the consumer quickly, get to the point and give them a reason to stick around; in the modern world, there isn’t time for the long story…….cos “ain’t nobody got time for dat”


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